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Need any help? Don't know how to get something done on Ubuntu. Check out this awesome collection of stepwise instructions on various things related to Ubuntu.



Various articles on different topics that you might find useful, including reviews, experiences, know-how's and few tutorials.



Check out the goodies bag, you may find something nice. A collection of themes, scripts, softwares and what not with direct downloads.

Ubuntu litterally means "Human-ness", atleast thats what wikipedia says. Don't know how much it cares about humanity("though it sure names its icon set after it"), but one this is for sure, that it is a nice and useful operating system for everyone. It is build on Linux (more appropriatly derived from Debian which eventually is buld on Linux) and hence has the power of linux and the best part, it also looks nice. Developed and supported by Canonical, it is well supported and regularly updated. It has a release cycle of 6 months, with the two releases coming in the month of April and October every year. The latest release is Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Thar). So if you haven't tried it yet, download it from here. Choose the system architecture, download the ISO, write it on a pen drive (or CD/DVD if you like), boot from the it and get started.